Bike Comparison

Which balance bike is best? Wood or metal? Strider Bike, Firstbike, Runners Bike, Wishbone? Which size bike will fit my child? Compare the best balance bikes here.

At Balance Bikes Canada, we are available to answer your questions and find which bike is best for your child. We have tested each brand we sell with toddlers and preschoolers to make sure it passes our kid testing and we will not carry a brand that our own demo riders do not love.

These balance bikes are all based on the concept that teaches children how to balance first and make the transition to ride a two-wheeled bike without the need for training wheels. The bicycles have no pedals and the bike works by having your child walk, run, and glide with the bike. 

When your child is ready, he or she will be able to move up to a pedal bike without the usual falls, bumps and scrapes that come with the traditional method of removing training wheels on a two-wheeled bike. 

The chart below will provide you with some comparing information to help in your selection.  One of the most important features to ensure proper fit is to measure your child's inseam and make sure it is long enough for the starting end of the bike.

The chart below lists starting height in inches. 

 Bike Models and Sizing


Model Material Size Wheel Weight Max Child Weight Seat Height CAD MSRP
Strider 12 Classic Metal 12" EVA 6.4 lbs 60 lbs 11-16" $129.00
Strider  12 Sport Metal 12" EVA 6.4 lbs  60 lbs 11-19" $159.00
Strider 12 Pro Aluminium 12" EVA 4.9 lbs 60 lbs 11-19" $229.00
Strider 14X Sport Metal 14" Air 12 lbs 80 lbs 15-22" $229.00
Strider 16 Sport Metal 16" Air 17 lbs 187 lbs 19-25" $299.00
Runners PushMee Metal 12" EVA 6.7 lbs 80 lbs 12-17" $115
Runners Ultralight Aluminium 12" Air 7.9 lbs 80 lbs 13.5-18" $149.00
Runners Junior Wood 10" EVA 4.8 lbs 60 lbs 10.5 -12" $94.00
Runners/Princess Wood 12" Air 9.5 lbs 65 lbs 12.5-15" $149.00
Wishbone Original Wood 12" Air 8.4 lbs 65 lbs 11-18" $289.00
Wishbone Recycled Composite 12" Air 10.4 lbs 65 lbs 9-20" $299.00
FirstBike Composite 12" Air 7.5 lbs 75 lbs 14-17.5" $199+



Please note for ages 2.5 and under, we recommend the Strider Classic, Sport or Pro as a first bike as it is lightweight, has a low starting seat height and is easy to carry. For ages 3.5 and over, please look at the Strider Sport 14X as it it a 2-in-1 balance bike that can convert to a pedal bike with optional pedal kit.

If you prefer a wood model, we recommend the Wishbone Original as it starts off as a trike.